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Being in the  business of race timing we are constantly coming into contact with new and interesting people who are either organizing an event, embarking on organizing an event, competing in an event, or just supporting an event.  Behind every event there is a story that has led to the idea of the event.  Everyone has a story to tell.  Some stories are sad, some are happy, some come with hardships along the way.  One common strand behind the stories is inspiration.  Someone, or a group of people have been inspired through some circumstance to take action and step into the role as race director.  I would like to share one of these stories right now.  June 2015 we got a call to provide timing for a potential race.  He had many questions such as what day would be good, where should the race be run, how should he promote it.  Essentially, he was seeking advice on all of the logistics involved in organizing a 5k running and walking event.  After several emails and phone calls we settled on some of the more important details and he hired Fast Dog Timing as his race management company.  While this all sounds commonplace, it is actually alot of work to get this process underway.  It is so much more than just setting up some cones, putting out some water and ordering t-shirts!  The course venue had to be secured through the city with the necessary permitting along with so many other time sensitive details leading up to the event.  We decided that it would be a good idea to meet at the park where the race was to be held.  When we pulled up in the parking lot, our race director was there waiting for us, on his bike.  16 year old  Achyuth V. of Troy, the man in charge.  This young man was punctual, diligent, thorough and most of all polite.  With every phone call he apologized for bothering me.  Rest assured, when a race director hires our company our goal is to be as helpful and accessible as necessary to make the race director’s job easier.  While Achyuth had the support of his family and friends, it was clear that he was in charge.  His goal was to raise money for the earthquake victims in Nepal.  On the day of the race over 100 runners and walkers showed up to support the cause.  Before the gun went off the organizers of the event led the Star Spangled Banner and following that, a prayer native to their culture, that had the most beautiful melody.  It was a magical moment.  The race started and the timing crew got to work.  It was our good fortune to have encountered this young man and all that he accomplished for his cause will not soon be forgotten.

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  1. Lydia Ging

    Beautiful story. It’s uplifting to know that young people are inspired to do things that benefit others. This young man surely is an inspiration to many.

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